Log Analytics monitors cloud and on-premises environments to maintain availability and performance

Get insights accross workloads and systems to mantain availability and performance. Learn how to collect, analyze, and act on data with our quickstarts, tutorials and samples.
Log Management & Analytics Introduction
Discovered a breach by accident

Discovered a breach by accident

Discovered a breach 24 months later

Discovered a breach 24 months later

Days to detect an adversary

Days to detect an adversary

Log Analytic Features


Centralize log data from multiple systems in a single data store. Transform your activity data and managed resources data across different subscriptions into actionable insights. Get deeper visibility into your hybrid IT environment and on-premises resources.
Quickly connect and collect log data from multiple sources
Correlate and analyze using powerful machine learning constructs
Search and query interactively using an expressive language
Develop deep insights using purpose-built management solutions

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