The following critical gaps in the ability to understand and comply with regulatory obligations can lead to fines and penalties, as well as damage to the organization’s brand and reputation.

Lack of Governance

Insufficient governance around operational procedures limits the ability of compliance managers to connect controls to corporate policies.

Lack of Visibility

The lack of visibility in critical policy and compliance issues often lead to inconsistent implementation of controls, lack of change control processes, and duplicative policies and controls.


Your business needs to feel confident that your business policies are current, communicated and compliant. A kink in the chain can cause your business to stumble. Our platform delivers a powerful policy management solution so you can implement robust lifecycle management process.

    • Policy
    • Draft

      Import or create your own policy. We also provide template policies so you don’t have to start from scratch.

    • Review

      Assign a peer within your company to review the new policy.

    • Approval

      Policies may be approved or rejected, a version state along with other critical metadata is automatically kept.

    • Distribution

      Import you target-users and group them as you wish. You can customize the e-mail body.

    • Awareness

      Keep track of who accepted the new policy and when the person did so. This type of information will increase the overall company awareness.

    • Knowledge

      Having issues with policy terminology? Need further claficiation ? You can check our Knowledge Base for detailed information.