The average ransomware incident costs £6.5 million and 287 days to recover.

Ransomware attacks, the predominant type of malware being distributed via phishing, grew by an average of more than 33% across the five most-targeted industries. They are now focusing on organisations that are more likely to pay ransoms, such as healthcare, government, critical infrastructure, education, and small businesses.

Customizable Phishing Content

Use customized HTML and CSS code to tailor your phishing simulations. You can recreate your internal CRM portal or build a fake e-mail sign-in page.

Phishing Training Awareness

Informing your users about phishing is crucial to prevent security incidents. We offer in-house made awareness content.

Detailed Analytics

Find out who or what deparment in your company is more prone to suffer from phishing attacks. We can provide you with detailed information such as the used device and location of the phishing victim.

Dedicated support

Need help creating a phishing content? Planning your next phishing campaigns ? Our cloud-based dedicated team is always on the look-out for the latest phishing trends.